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  • Thom LoGiudice Recieves Margit Feldman Teaching Award

    Congratulation to Thom on receiving the Margit Feldman Teaching Award for an educator who has demonstrated outstanding efforts in teaching the Holocaust and genocide in their classroom, as well as issues of bias, prejudice, bigotry and bullying. from Advertiser News North            

  • VTHS’ Sophomores Walk the Land of New England’s Literary Giants

      Vernon Township High School’s annual trek to Salem and Concord, Massachusetts introduced sophomores to the land of Emerson, Thoreau and the era of witch hunts so prevalent in the play “The Crucible.”  Mr. Marc Bray, an English teacher, leads the expedition where they met characters like Henry Knox, their Freedom Trail Tour Guide and […]

  • VTHS’ Beginning Italian Classes Introduced to Real World Italy

      In order to bring a real-world experience to her Italian students, Mrs. Barbara Simmons invited Mr. Salvatore Vizzini to her classroom and speak to the students about Italian culture, geography, and traditions. Mr. Vizzini, grandfather of Mrs. Simmons’s student Olivia Vizzini,  led an engaging discussion with Italian I CP classes in order to provide […]


Congratulation on 25 Years as Educators:

Kim Fishman, Jennifer Moskovitz, Susan Rebisz (not pictured Laura Ryder)







Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to Mrs. Pat Hardin Vernon Teacher of the Year

There are only a few people you will meet in a lifetime that help shape who you will become. They leave a lasting impression and are always remembered as someone very special. That someone to me is Mrs. Patricia Hardin.

I met Mrs. Hardin my sophomore year of high school when she became my cheerleading coach. We clashed at first. She was much stricter than I was used to. She had high expectations.  She made us exercise and arrive on time. She expected good grades. She expected us to behave like ladies. So, we did. We never wanted to see a disappointed look on her face.

She coached, laughed, listened, cried, spoke the honest truth and mentored…each and every one of us. She was a role model, during a very difficult time in a teenage girl’s life. She helped mold me into who I have become and the morals that I live by. I am lucky to have been taught by her, blessed to still be her friend 20 years later, and thrilled to see her win this honor. Mrs. Hardin is a true champion at her profession.

-Jessica Carney, Class of 1994